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We understand your cattle feeder needs

Feeding your cattle easily, safely and efficiently with a long-lasting solution. And fattening your cows, faster.


That's Roswell Ag's focus. And what the Roswell Ag RCF 9500 - our supplementary cattle feeder - does. 


At Roswell Ag, agriculture is in our blood. We understand the issues and challenges facing cattle producers. We’re also passionate about re-engineering. And we love a challenge.


The story of Roswell Ag's round poly cattle feeder isn't rocket science (even though it looks like a spaceship). We just saw a genuine, recurring need and worked side by side with cattle producers, like you, to create the best self feeder to meet it.

What you don’t like about existing cattle self feeders

The current design of cattle feeders isn't user-friendly or efficient: steel, square, with heavy lids. Nor are they built for longevity. Current feeders rust, the lids blow open and they bend. When the lids bend, the cattle feeder leaks, so rain blows in, wetting the feed inside the bin. Wet feed means blockages in your cattle self feeder. 


As you'd know, when cattle feeders are blocked, they're hard and time consuming to clean. You end up wasting ration and cleaning out a soggy mess, just like WeetBix. It's your recurring cattle feeding nightmare. 


The only way to clean metal cattle feeders is climbing a ladder to get inside to shovel the clogged feed out from between the internal bracing. Just what you don't want employees doing. It's hard work, time consuming and full of WHS risks.


Existing self fedeers are also hard to fill. The feed level is difficult to check because you have to open the heavy lid (injury risk 1) and climb a ladder to check it (injury risk 2). 


That was just the beginning of our cattle feeder research …


We understand. What's worse, until now there has been no other workable option available.

Creating an effective, long-lasting self feeder

Every time we talked about cattle feeders, we heard similar stories. After many chats and feedback from cattle producers, and research, we designed a circular cattle feeder made out of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). It's Rotathene SUPA UV, which is UV rated for 20+ years, meaning prolonged outdoor protection - essential in Australia's super tough environment.


Industry-leading engineers put this new round cattle feeder through more comprehensive computer modelling than you could poke a stick at. Then we made self feeder prototypes that went through rigorous on-field testing, in some of the toughest conditions faced by Australian cattle producers. And we tweaked them. Again and again.


Then we decided. Round poly cattle feeders were the way to go.

Why a poly cattle feeder?

Our feeders are made from Rotathene SUPA UV, a premium grade UV stabilised linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) that's made in Australia to handle the harsh Australian conditions. To see for yourself, download the brochure here

LLDPE is the best solution for the Roswell Ag RCF 9500 cattle feeder because:


  • LLDPE rebounds when bent. Our cattle feeder gets itself back into shape after knocks from bulls or extreme heat.

  • It doesn’t rust. So our cattle self feeder is very durable.

  • It’s more efficient and easier to use. Our cattle feeder is round, so feeds more cows at the one time

  • It’s similar to Teflon, so the feed won’t stick. Our cattle self feeder won’t get blocked nearly as often. And if it does, it’s easy to clean.

  • It’s lightweight. So our cattle feeder is much cheaper to transport. And it's easier to move around from paddock to paddock.

  • It’s translucent. So you can easily see the ration level in the self feeder from a distance, with your feet planted firmly on the ground (or in a ute as you drive past a paddock).

  • The components can be bolted together, not welded. So the cattle feeder's parts are easy to replace, if they ever need to be.

  • You can optimise the amount of feed you get into the cattle. With our self feeder, you stay in control.

  • It’s fully recyclable via single process recycling. Our cattle feeder is kinder to the environment.


Need an image to help? Next time you see a Council garbage truck picking up bins, watch how much of a belting they suffer as they’re emptied into the truck. Now think about how many bent wheelie bins you see in your neighbourhood. Not many. They’re strong, tough and durable. Just like our round cattle feeder: the Roswell Ag RCF 9500.


You can now enjoy using a durable, easy to use cattle feeder that solves all of the things you hate about your current feeder.


It's the innovative alternative to your current self feeder. And it's perfect for backgrounding cattle, supplementary feeding, drought and winter feeding. Plus it's suitable for all sizes, from weeners to bulls.


And the cows all love it.


Use it now. You’ll never look back. Call Bill Findlay on 0401 995 166 or email him today.

Make the
change today

Buy a cattle feeder now.

Your cattle will love it, and so will you

Call Bill Findlay
0401 995 166

"We would quite literally have been buggered without these feeders. 


The ability to run a lot of cattle around them is really handy. And they've held up very well to having a lot of cattle running around them - we haven't had any problems with them at all.


We finished off 1000 young cattle with 11 odd feeders (we initially only bought 11 but are hoping to buy a hell of a lot more now).

And they're really easy to fill up - we do it straight out of a B-double with an auger."

Gabriel Pasmore, Forbes

 Round Poly Cattle Feeder

Did you know?

Our cattle feeders are Australian made.


And our business is Australian owned and operated.



We're leaders. Not followers. So our research and development is ongoing. We value your feedback and welcome suggestions on how we can improve the current cattle feeder model (RCF 9500). Or what you’d like to see in our next generation self feeder.


This is just the beginning.


At Roswell Ag, we value:


  • Integrity

  • Honesty

  • Innovation

  • Continuous improvement

  • Service excellence


When you buy our cattle feeders, our service promise to you is simple, but genuine.


To provide excellent customer service at every interaction.


From the initial sale of our cattle feeders, through delivery and long after the sale has closed. We respond to every inquiry about our cattle feeders, by phone or email, within 24 hours. Guaranteed.


You will enjoy strong and continuing after sales support for our cattle feeders. We're in the supplementary cattle feeder business for the long term. So there's no higher priority than developing a great, ongoing and trusting relationship with you (other than selling you a durable, efficient and easy to use cattle feeder, of course). What's more, you will speak directly with Bill Findlay, the man behind the innovative cattle feeder. Bill will always respond to your needs promptly, directly and honestly, three traits for which he is widely renowned.


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