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“You can take the man
out of the country but you can't take the country out of the man.”

Bill Findlay

Managing Director

Bill comes from a 5th generation farming family, so life on the land, and a strong yearning for it, is most definitely in his blood.


Despite spending the last 25 years working in the city, he spent many of his holidays and weekends lending a helping hand on farms to get his 'fix' of agriculture and cattle work. As a cattle producer's work is never done, and Bill's never one to sit still for long, he was always a welcome face and, more importantly, a useful pair of hands at every visit. 


After visitng large-scale cattle feeding operations and seeing, first hand, the multiple problems these producers faced with their traditional metal feed bins, Bill came up with his innovative and ground-breaking design.


In fact, if you’ve got a problem to solve, and you’ve been told many times there’s no solution, Bill’s your man. Solving design, engineering and logistical problems is a proven talent of Bill’s. If you believe in past lives, Bill was a cattle producer, builder and engineer whose mind continues unabated when faced with any challenge, large or small, until the best and most efficient solution is found.


Born with a hammer in his hand, a hankering for design and a drive to improve process efficiency and challenge the status quo, Bill works tirelessly to find the right answer to every challenge, every time.


With a long-term background in finance, Bill brings his excellent client service skills, eye for detail, dedication to the job and a drive to get results for Roswell Ag. Having finally transferred his passion for the land, clever design and engineering into the right industry, Bill will continue to work hard to deliver an innovative, tough and long-lasting feeder that will optimise your supplementary cattle feeding and help you to produce truckloads of tender beef.


Why wait?
Be a leader in your field a
nd revolutionise supplementary cattle feeding

Call Bill Findlay
0401 995 166

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