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Buying our round poly cattle feeders is easy. We’ve partnered with agents and distributors across Australia to give you instant access to our cattle feeders when you need them. 

Round stock feeders

Central/Northern Queensland

Andrew Childs

Blue Ribbon Stock Feeds

Ph 07 49278806


Central Highlands


Dane Lund 

Lund Grain

Ph +61 (0) 428 799 621

New South Wales


David Bastian

Clark Tanks

Ph +61 2 6334 2720

South Australia


Gerry Clark

Team Poly

Ph +61 457 526 058

Proud supporters of the LACHLAN HUGHES 


Lachlan was, and his family remains, a loyal Roswell Ag supporter.


$50 from every feeder sold will be donated to this worthwhile cause. 

“The best thing about Roswell Ag’s feeders is they’re just really easy to use. They’re easy to move, so either I or my farm hands can put them out.”

The late Lachlan Hughes, Miles

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The Roswell Ag Pty Ltd brand is trademarked and there has been a patent applied for RCF 9500 cattle feeder (Australian patent application No. 2014901818).