What sets Roswell AG and its
cattle feeder apart?

Efficient and safe cattle feeding is your focus and ours. Fat cows are a happy bonus.


We’ve got the efficient, practical and long-lasting cattle feeding solution you’ve been looking for. And it feeds all cattle, from weaners to bulls. 


Best of all, our round poly cattle feeder is innovative because it solves the things you hate about your current feeder. 


Here are five features that set Roswell Ag apart:


You've told us you want cattle self feeders that are durable, easy to use, efficient, don’t cost an arm and a leg to transport and can feed any cattle, from weaners to bulls. And that you'd like a wheeled cattle feeder that's easy to move.


So we worked side by side with cattle producers, like you, and other respected leaders in the Australian farming industry. From this feedback, our own knowledge and engineering nouse, we created the Roswell Ag RCF 9500 cattle feeder. It addresses everything you said. And more.  

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Cattle love the poly feeders, I know that. As soon as the feeders were in the paddock, the cattle went to them, were feeding well, and they've been on them for 20 days. 90% of the mob are on the feed by the first weight in, and that's incredible. I certainly know that the cattle start better on the poly cattle feeders.That makes a big difference.

The late Lachlan Hughes, Miles


Anybody can say they’re innovative, but unless they can offer a standout, forward thinking, end-to-end solution to prove it, then it’s all just words. At Roswell Ag, we went through every problem, one by one, with your current cattle feeder. And methodically and carefully developed a cattle feeder to solve them all. When we created what we thought was the ultimate self feeder solution, we tested it. And refined it again. And again. Until we knew it was.


Now all you have to do is try our round poly cattle feeder and see for yourself.


We've been developing farming innovations for many generations. Bill Findlay's father invented a much-used mobile sheep crutching machine in 1970 and his great grandfather invented the patented Muturoo fly trap that was renowned for catching 32,000 blow flies in two days!


It’s not enough to develop a product that stands above the rest, like our round poly cattle feeder does. You’ve got to keep working at it. Refining. Improving. And tweaking. The product you sell in years to come must be way more effective, with an even more ingenious and clever design, than the one you offer today.


That’s what we do at Roswell Ag. Continuous thinking and re-engineering of our self feeder floats our boat. It’s what we’re good at and it’s what we’re renowned for


Selling you a damn good cattle feeder isn’t where it ends. We’re here to solve any issue or question you have, whether it’s got to do with:


  • How to transport our poly cattle feeders to your farm

  • How to put our round self feeders together properly

  • How to get replacement parts for our modular cattle feeder if you need them

  • And how to order more of our durable poly cattle feeders. You'll definitely want to.

We’re also hoping you’ll give us your honest feedback on what you really like about our round cattle feeder. What you’d like to see a lot more of in our next generation round poly cattle feeders for other livestock. And, especially, what you may not be thrilled about. We want to hear it all.


 Switch to our poly cattle feeder today.

It's Australian made. It's a round poly cattle feeder. So it doesn't rust.

And we're an Australian owned and operated business.

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​We may be located in the city, but we’re country people through and through. Why do you think we’d spend hours, days and weeks hanging out on farms, away from the city, developing the best round cattle feeder for your needs? In some of Australia's toughest environments?


Because farming’s been a huge part of our life. We were born on the farm. Raised on the farm. And, yes, had a slight detour in the city. But, as you’d appreciate, you can take the man out of the country but you’ll never take the country out of the man. We know how tough it can be, how many things can and do go wrong, every day. And we know what an absolute winner it is when you find a self feeder that actually works, really well. It makes your life easier. Best of all, it means knocking off from work at a reasonable hour. Who'd say no to that.


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The Roswell Ag Pty Ltd brand is trademarked and there has been a patent applied for RCF 9500 cattle feeder (Australian patent application No. 2014901818).

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